Meet the authors of Atomic Love Story.  Below is a list of  appearances by Shirley Streshinsky and Patricia Klaus.

The authors are somewhat in awe that they continue to read to standing-room-only audiences. In the past few months, Shirley and Patricia have appeared at a fundraising Gala for the Lafayette, California, library; at several book clubs;  at an event in Los Alamos, New Mexico, another at Stanford University and also several libraries, including the Oakland Public Library, the Saratoga Library and, most recently, the remarkable Livermore Library. They also spoke to a full house  at the Berkeley Historical Society, where once more the audience was  familiar with Robert Oppenheimer’s story, and had incidents to add.

The authors also got a lively reception at a luncheon for the retirees of  U.C.’s Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, with a few diners who actually knew Robert Oppenheimer.

One highlight of the season: A party for scientists and historians at the storied Oppenheimer home on Eagle Hill in Kensington.





Doctor Ed Lofgren Physicist Dr. Ed Lofgren, seated center, was in Los Alamos with Robert Oppenheimer when the atomic age began. Recently Patricia (left) and Shirley (seated right) talked about “An Atomic Love Story” at Piedmont Gardens, a senior residence in Oakland where Dr. Lofgren, 100 in January, lives. Standing in the rear are Lofgren’s daughter Laurel and her husband, David Phillipson, both archeologists who live in England. The authors interviewed Lofgren extensively when researching their book.