Kitty Harrison


Kitty Puening-Ramseyer-Dallet-Harrison-Oppenheimer


She could be very bewitching, but …” one academic wife would say, and another would add:  “…fascinating, but not very nice…” while a third put in “she was a sexy dame.”

At age 29, Kitty Harrison was living with her new third husband when she met Robert Oppenheimer at a party in Pasadena, California. That same night she decided she must have him. It didn’t matter that Kitty’s most recent husband, Stewart Harrison, was part of Robert’s circle of friends. In truth, men did tend to find Kitty bewitching; she was a flirt, she could be fun and exciting and exasperating, she was definitely a man’s woman.


Kitty and her parents:


Three of Kitty’s husbands: Frank Ramseyer, Joe Dallet and Robert