Other Works by Author Shirley Streshinsky

Other Works by Shirley Streshinsky

    Five of her previously published books are being issued by Turner Publishing Company for new release this August and September.

Audubon-Book-CoverAudubon: Life and Art in the American Wilderness

In 1803, an eighteen-year-old West Indies–born Frenchman arrived in New York City, fleeing Napoleon’s conscription. His work would become inextricably entwined with the new world he so proudly adopted in his motto “America, my country.” Inspired by the primeval forests and the vast flocks of birds that thrived in them, Audubon spent the next several decades of his life painstakingly documenting the birds of the American wilderness. He traveled the back roads and bayous, searching out and studying the birds that were his pastime and passion. He spent long, silent hours observing them in the wild. He was no amateur ornithologist; rather, he drew his birds from life, and his work always carried the line “drawn from nature by J. J. Audubon.” Accompanied by his wife, Lucy, and their two sons, Audubon was able to challenge the world’s expectations and win. The story of this loving family’s long, profound struggle is as poignant and as relevant today as it was in the early decades of the nineteenth century. Combining meticulous scholarship with the dramatic life story of a naturalist and pioneer, Audubon reexamines the artist’s journals and letters to tell the story of the artist’s quest, the origins of the American spirit, and the sacrifice that resulted in one of the world’s greatest bodies of art: The Birds of America.

New publication release September 3, 2013.


A-Time-Between-CoverA Time Between

Ambitious and determined, Hallie Duer craves to be at the center of her epoch—with Prohibition and bootleg gin, Model Ts and moving pictures, Red roundups and the routine lynching of Negroes. The old order is in upheaval, and the emerging new order is at last allowing extraordinary women their long-deserved place in the sun. In this uncommon love story, Hallie, a consummate observer by profession, learns to become a passionate participant when she falls in love with a dynamic Irish lawyer, who is married but separated from his wife. The course of their involvement is complicated by Catholic convention and a secret from the past. Cool-headed, self-possessed Hallie experiences an all-consuming love, but pain, disappointment, and forgiveness are part of that passion.


New publication release August 6. Gift-of-the-Golden-Mountain-CoverThe Gift of the Golden Mountain

California in the 1960s and 70s forms the background to a saga of one family’s passions, past and present, played out against the explosive era of the Vietnam War. It follows the young part-Chinese heiress, May Reade, as she searches through her illustrious heritage for the roots of her own identity and her struggle to reconcile her Asian self with the American. Her journey of self-discovery takes her from the anti-war barricades of Berkeley to a remote village in China where she at last meets the mother who had deserted her at birth. There, in the country of her ancestors, she will not only begin to understand her confusion, but will find her future happiness and, in the final, savage climax of the fall of Saigon, decide her own destiny. Gift of the Golden Mountain continues the story of the pioneering Reade family, first encountered in the author’s earlier novel Hers the Kingdom. Seen through the eyes of Faith, lifelong family friend and archivist, it describes with telling effect the pain one generation inflicts on the next, and the healing power of love and compassion, forgiveness and commitment.


New publication release August 6, 2013. Hers-the-Kingdom-CoverHers the Kingdom

When beautiful young Willa Reade first saw the wild California coast called the Malibu, she knew she had come home. It was here, with her handsome aristocratic husband, Owen, and her crippled sister Lena, that Willa would build her empire, one that that would grow to shelter the generations of a mighty California dynasty. Through the boom days of the railroads, from the dance halls of San Francisco, to the revolutionary fires of China, through the bitter losses of war and the secrets of a forbidden love, Willa would fight. For pride, for passion, for her children and her men . . . for the vast cherished acres of the Malibu, her kingdom, her home, her destiny. New publication release August 6, 2013.


The-Shores-of-Paradise-CoverThe Shores of Paradise

In a narrative spanning the final decades of the 1800s, the end of the Hawaiian monarchy, annexation by the United States, and World War I, the lives of four starkly different headstrong individuals are inextricably woven. True Lindstrom was brought to the orphanage at Waikiki as a young girl. As bold as she is fair, True harbors a tragic childhood secret—as well as a fierce love for Evan Coulter, which she will defy fate and circumstance to fulfill. Twelve years older than True, handsome Evan is an accomplished rider with an abiding love for the land and its people. His political future now seems limitless—until his passion for True jeopardizes his marriage and forces a decision that could alter Hawaiian history. The very real Princess Kaiulani, a delicate child who traced her ancestry to Scottish landowners on her father’s side and centuries of Hawaiian royalty on her mother’s, is part of the story. These dynamic lives are woven into a tale told by Martha Moon, the gentle teacher who casts herself in the ancient Hawaiian role of storyteller. It is through her eyes that we witness four lifetimes of adversity, sorrow, joy, and ultimate triumph.

New publication release August 6, 2013.